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CSS tips from The Art of the Web

Hi fellow DMTers, In the course of browsing for something (can’t recall what), Firefox toolbox detected an “error” relating to the CSS test element -webkit-border-radius and -moz-border-radius. Out of interest, I researched this element further. One of the best resources for information on the use and current status of this element is the following website: […]

Hello fellow DMTers!

Greetings, my Digital Media Technologies peers! I currently work as an editor/learning designer for a financial services industry body, and also undertake freelance work as desktop publisher/copy editor. My interest in the MIM program stems from my employer’s ambitions to improve its mLearning offerings, as well as from my previous work experience as a customised […]

Hello world!

It’s taken me long enough, but I’ve finally joined the blogosphere?!