Hello fellow DMTers!

Greetings, my Digital Media Technologies peers!

I currently work as an editor/learning designer for a financial services industry body, and also undertake freelance work as desktop publisher/copy editor.

My interest in the MIM program stems from my employer’s ambitions to improve its mLearning offerings, as well as from my previous work experience as a customised press briefings editor at a media company (still haven’t decided whether I want to stay in education or re-pursue a Media career).

I’m an unabashed fan of American teen cinema and TV (as I told my Thursday night colleagues, I’m open to weekly Vampire Diaries debriefs), as well as being a keen follower of most sports. I do have favourite teams/participants, but I’m particularly interested in such sports-related topics as sport administration, including rules, legislationĀ and regulation, venue design and management, and personnel/brand management.

I’m a member of a sports fan collective, Nicknames and Numbers, that would dearly love to promote and expand its presence, so although I was thinking of doing a work-related project, I’m leaning towards designing for the collective instead.

I’ve been inspired by some of your blogs that I’ve read already (albeit accessing cached pages), and have made reply postings in this forum.

Looking forward to studying and collaborating with you all.

Best wishes and regards, Belinda Brown.

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  1. Hi
    This is saeed, your group mate.
    Nice to meet you, and please tell me what should we do in group for next week.


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