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Don’t block your ears to Opera

Yo, yo! The end of semester is nigh, but there is plenty in the digital world still to explore (or revisit). I vaguely recall the browser Opera being the one of choice for many a tertiary institution in the 1990s, and I’ve found an article that provides some valid reasons as to why it might […]

How much government intervention on Internet-related matters is welcome?

Yo, yo DMTers! In the same week as Google found itself in hot water over Google Drive and Google Street View, Essential Media Communications has found that the internet is one area where there is no overwhelming support for regulation. Although the report, covered by Crikey, features results on a number of public policy areas, it seems that […]

Septimana horrida for Google

Howdy y’all DMTers, This week would have to rank as a pretty horrible one for Google. Following controversy over how data stored on Google Drive may be used during and after customers are actively engaged in using the cloud service received massive worldwide coverage, Google has reportedly admitted to knowing that the software engineer who […]

Innovative use of technology – helpful or unethical

Hey DMTers! Just because I have been laying low for a while does not mean I haven’t come across things to ponder. The picture below is of “Mark”, one of the homeless people reportedly enlisted and paid by New York ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty to carry a wireless 4G hotspot for South By Southwest […]